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Shabbat Zachor

Mizrachi Bayit Newsletter


Shabbat Times

Friday Night

Candle Lighting

5:40 pm

Mincha followed by Kabbalat Shabbat

5:45 pm

Shabbat Day


9:00 am

Rabbi's Shiur

4:45 pm


5:45 pm

Shalosh Seudot & Halacha Discussion

Following Mincha

Shabbat Ends

6:43 pm



Wed. - Ta'anit Esther, fast ends

6:40 pm

Wed. night - Megillah reading
(people who can, are encouraged to wait until after
hearing the Megillah before breaking their fast)

6:45 pm                 

Thu. morning - Shacharit and Megillah

7:00 am

Thu. afternoon - second Megillah reading

3:45 pm

Thu. afternoon - Purim Seudah

5:00 pm



Shabbat Zachor

This week is Shabbat Zachor, and there is a biblical commandment to hear the Torah reading this week. Therefore, we will have a second laining during kiddush for those who missed it.

Purim Seudah & Magic Show!

Please join us for our Purim Seudah, this Thursday at 5 pm. There will also be an afternoon Megillah reading beforehand at 3:45 pm. At the Seudah, a really amazing magician, mentalist and entertainer named Durgy Spade will perform for the kids (and the young at heart). We might also have other fun things involving candy and face painting, so please come and enjoy.

Take Action to Help Make Our Community Safer

Every year, Canadian synagogues, day schools, and JCCs collectively spend millions on security, including hiring paid-duty police officers during the holidays. According to Statistics Canada, the Jewish community is the most frequently targeted religious minority when it comes to hate crimes. While the federal government’s Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) provides vital support to help with the costs of physical security infrastructure, it does not fund security guards and training.  

This is why CIJA is urging the provinces to provide security funding to community institutions beginning with the Ontario Government in its upcoming budget. CIJA is asking the province to consider funding for training staff and volunteers in security procedures as well as funding to cover 50% of the costs of hiring paid-duty police officers to protect institutions at key times – such as synagogues during the High Holidays or special events.

Please fill out this petition to take action and make our community safer.


Laya Crust's Reflections on the Shabbat Readings

Please visit her website at


Community Announcements

Several of the flyers below are linked to larger versions, or to websites where you can learn more and register. Thanks to Laya Crust for compiling this list.

TAKING IT PERSONALLY: Torah Tools for Spiritual Growth 
with Rabbi Michael Skobac

A six-part lecture series exploring ancient and modern Jewish wisdom for personal growth. Topics include cultivating awareness, patience, generosity and humility.

TAKING IT PERSONALLY – Torah Tools for Spiritual Growth includes: 
1. Feb 13: THE DYNAMICS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Goals and Techniques 
3. Feb 27: DOING IT NOW! Living with Alacrity (brisk & cheerful readiness) 
4. Mar 06: GENEROSITY: Growing Through Giving 
5. Mar 13: SAVLANUT: Learning the Art of Patience 
6. Mar 20: CULTIVATING HUMILITY: Understanding your place in the world

Six consecutive Tuesday evenings starting February 13, 2018 at 7:30 PM
37 Southbourne Ave., Toronto
Admission FREE • Registration required
416-789-0020 •

Wed, September 19 2018 10 Tishrei 5779