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Pesach (First Days)

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Shabbat and Yom Tov Times

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Special Information About Pesach

Please note the following information from Rabbi Katchen:

The Shabbat Hagadol derasha will be at 6:30pm, on Shabbat.  The topic is the Value of Yachatz, followed by Q&A about Pesach.

The normal derasha before Musaf this Shabbat will be replaced with Questions from the Community - so please bring your questions.

This Sunday there will be Hagalat Keilim (kashering your cutlery, etc.) at Aguda between 11am-3pm - in the basement.  All items need to be clean and unused for 24 hours.

Also this Sunday will be Sheimot (Sheimos/Geniza) drop-off.  Please have any materials you want to be deposited to either the shul or my house (39 Laurelcrest) by 10am Sunday.  The charge is $10/shopping bag - see below for a list of what should or shouldn't be geniza'd.  If you are dropping off a few pages, the shul will include it for free, but you are welcome to give a donation for this service.  

If you are dropping off a shopping bag - or more, please visit our CanadaHelps page to make a donation to the shul for this service.

What should you put in geniza:
Anything that has YKVK (the proper name of God, in Hebrew) written out, any book that is bound (i.e. a Talmud, Mishna, halachic work, benschers). Mezuzot and Tefilin should be wrapped before depositing. 

What should you put in recycling (preferably in a separate bag):
Any photocopies that do not contain YKVK - including the Shabbat sheets from shul, YU Torah-To-Go, photocopied source sheets (without YKVK), school workbooks, personal notes from shiurim, simcha invitations, etc.

Kippas that are torn, ripped tzitzit/tallit katan and gadol, tallit bags - they should be put into a clean bag and then can be disposed of in the garbage.

Tapes, cds, etc can be thrown out.

Anything else, please ask.

Shabbat shalom and chag kasher v'sameach,


Shul Packing Day - Sunday April 28

We will need volunteers to help pack up the shul on that day; time to be confirmed. Please start collecting boxes for books, toys, and other items.


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Please join Les Lightstone in creating a Mizrachi Bayit-centred sponsorship group to help bring a refugee named Zewdi to Canada. Please read more information here.


Laya Crust's Reflections on the Shabbat Readings

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